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Regen Two Women's
Regen Two Women's
Regen Two Women's

Regen Two Women's

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A new race fit short sleeved green and blue premium Jersey design set for multiple conditions. The Jersey is constructed with breathable and Quick Dry stretch fabric tailored to your body.

The Regen collection celebrates re-generation of the outdoor spirit. As we gather new respect for the outdoors and the freedom it brings we reset and regenerate. A fresh natural lemon and lime sleeve design allow you to ride with a new purpose this summer. The Donda word-mark is featured on both arms in a signature circle and on the left breast of the jersey. The Donda crest logo is then featured at the top of the neck line.

The combination of technology, quality and unique design allows our everyday cyclist to ride the toughest climbs, leisurely tour or the most straightforward of commutes.

  • Race-fit neck (made from a separate panel)
  • SBS zipper
  • Raglan cuffs
  • Three section load bearing pocket and an extra zip pocket
  • Easy-stick lining on sleeves and base and a reactive extra-stretch sleeve
  • The three fabric construction
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Anti-UV
  • Breathable
  • Quick dry
  • Compression and Moisture Wicking