Donda Launches

Donda Cycling launches Honest Apparel for the everyday cyclist

Donda Cycling launches honest apparel for the everyday cyclist on 22 October 2019. The British

Company launches across Europe with two unique jersey/hat combinations and an identity rooted in

classic cycling culture. Donda’s mission is to be inclusive and accessible with their approach to

the cycling community.

The company has launched its online store with two unique jersey designs, both with corresponding

caps. The jerseys are constructed with breathable and Quick Dry stretch fabric, tailored to your body

with a both distorted and classic striped designs available. Our first ever jerseys celebrate all that we

love about cycling culture.

Jack Donaldson (Director); “We created Donda Cycling to provide accessibility to good, honest cycling

apparel. We want to make an impact, we’re not here to merely make up the numbers in the marketplace. I

commute, tour and ride with friends and want better options. We are hugely excited to introduce the brand

as well as our launch range and we hope that everyday cyclists enjoy what we have created. As the company

grows we hope to collaborate and inject our philosophy in to events and within the cycling community as a


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Donda Cycling create honest, accessible cycling apparel for whatever and however you ride. Designed

in Great Britain, we gather inspiration from cycling heritage and develop new contemporary classics.

Each season we will dish-out new Donda ranges, designed to be suitable for multiple conditions.

We want to create looks for everyday cyclists, whatever their ride may be, from Sunday Tour-ists to

weekday commuters. Donda Cycling – accelerate your style and ride the rivet.

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